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ATTN: We’re now accepting new producers! We actively promote your beats for you on our site and take a 0% commission of any sales we get for you and you keep 100% of your copyright. So basically all you have to do is focus on making beats, send to us, and sit back and wait for your beat payments. 

Once signed up, I’ll create an account for you to login and see your sales reports, upload beats etc. It’s only $5.99/mo to cover all our time maintaining the team and we pay you every 1st of the month when you have sales. We also use the fee to filter out people who are serious about their craft. If your beats are good you’ll most likely make that money back and more fast. 

We also like to keep the team small for quality control so that our customers are happy and we all get more sales between us. You’re not tied down to anything so you can stop using the site at any time and we’ll remove your beats. Plus you can also use your beats on your other platforms at the same time.

See frequently asked questions below or sign up now to start collecting payments. ?

Producer FAQs

What makes you so different from other beat selling sites?

We believe our promotion is crucial as without it there would be no sales. We provide an additional income for you without you having to do any promoting at all. We do the promoting for you. You are free to use other sites also 🙂

Can i still sell my beats on other websites at the same time?

Yes you are free to use other sites also. 🙂

Is there a limit to the amount of beats i can upload?

You are free to upload as little or as many beats as you like. There is no quota.

Do i get to keep all the rights to my beats?

You keep 100% of your copyright always.

Who chooses the price of the beats?

You can set your own prices our use our recommended default prices.

How much do you sell beats for?

We normally sell beats as leases for between $19.99 and $99.99 depending on the format selected. You can set your own prices our use our recommended default prices.

What about exclusive rights?

We mainly focus on leases but if anyone enquires about exclusive rights we will always contact you first to negotiate a price.

How much do producers at UBD earn?

We can’t disclose any sales figures i’m afraid. But some producers make thousands per month.

Can i sign up for free and allow you to take the fee from my first sales?

The sign-up fee is required for all producers on the team i’m afraid.

How will i know if i’ve made a sale? How can i submit my beats?

You will receive login details after you sign up where you can see sales reports, upload beats etc.

How many producers are on the team?

There are around 30 producers on the team currently.

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